Two New Dwellings, Avon Bridge, Hamilton

.Avon Mill Site Plan
                Site Plan of proposed dwellings at Avon Bridge, Hamilton

Following a protracted planning application process, consent was finally granted for three dwellings including the extension to the Thomas Telford designed Toll House (see conservation section for details) on a beautiful site on the south bank of the River Avon sandwiched between two Grade A listed bridges. It includes the long disused mill lade, a relic of the old mill which once occupied the site and, together with flood risk constraints, meant development was not straightforward.

Avon Mill - Plot A
PlotA Avon Mill House Elev
             Detached House overlooking the mill lade at Avon Mill

Avon Mill - Plot B
PlotB Avon Mill House Persp
             Detached House cantilevered over the mill lade at Avon Mill