Proposed Landscape Scheme - The Steelyard

This scheme for The Steelyard, a public space in Bathgate, went further than a simple layout for planting and paving. It considered how the buildings that surround a public space create the 'back drop' for the wide variety of daily 'performances' that take place in such a space from the selling of products from market stalls to the social gatherings of people of all ages. As such the built fabric became an integral part of the landscaping proposals with carefully considered restoration or screening of buildings to reinforce the ambience of the square.

Steelyard East Elevation
        Elevation of the buildings that create the 'back drop' to the space

Beyond the obvious historical links of the existing buildings and the relocated fountain the heritage of the area had been largely forgotten. By exciting sculptural symbolism the history is retold in this scheme. The Steelyard and its importance as an area where weavers measured cloth is represented by the solid curved wall which lies across the patterned surface of the square, a sculpted rule. Carved dimensions along the outer face of the wall reinforce the allusion.

Steelyard Site Plan
                     Proposed Plan for The Steelyard, Bathgate

These features not only serve to create a feeling of place specific to this space but create practical solutions to issues about usability. The scheme considers how the space could be made more usable not only on the occasional day that the sun shines in Scotland but in more inclement weather. The introduction of canopies makes the spaces more user friendly on those frequent wet days whilst the introduction of screen walls to the west not only protect the space from vehicular noise but also create shelter from the wind. This thought process is carried through to even consider how the space might be used for Civic displays, at the heart of the community, during celebrations such as the lead up to Christmas.

The Steelyard Xmas Section
                     Section showing The Steelyard at Christmas