Proposed riverbank remodeling of Bonny Water

Photo of Bonny Water's bak
                View of the banks of the Bonny River in Bonnybridge

As part of their overall design remit Munro Associates were called upon to use their background as both Architects and Landscape Architects to create Sustainable Urban Drainage areas for the development of 112 flats as well as the landscaping and planting along the River Bonny and for the site as a whole.

A 'wildlife corridor' was proposed along the lower banks of the Bonny River to allow animals free reign of the waterway whilst further up the bank SUDs ponds were specified, not only take excess storm water from the development, but also to further enhance the type of habitats on the site and encourage more bio-diversity. It is hoped that when completed this will further improve the existing habitats already provided in the Bonnyfield Nature Park on the north bank of the River Bonny and contribute to a 'green corridor' along this length of the waterway.

Elsewhere on the site Munro Associates have used landscaping and greenery to soften the hard landscaping areas to reduce the visual impact of the required parking facilities and access roads. The outlook of the flats and the introduction of a
cafe onto the Forth and Clyde Canal enlivens this stretch of the waterway with resources being used to tidy up and enhance the canal's edge.

SUDs at Bridge St, Bonnybridge
        Proposed planting and landscaping to create a 'wildlife corridor'