Extension to Boat House, Glasgow Green

Boat House South Elevation
                      Elevation facing the River Clyde, Glasgow

The Glasgow Humane Society is the oldest water safety and rescue charity in the world and is based in Glasgow Green where George Parsonage, Glasgows self-styled Riverman, lives and works. Their current facility, located on the banks of the River Clyde, includes boat storage, workshops and some welfare provision but the society is now looking to expand the water safety educational work they alread undertake by having teaching facilities on site. Munro Associates were given the brief to create new teaching spaces on the existing boat house site but also use the building as a way to increase the public profile of the Society. The building concept was for a simple infill building which made the best use of the site and existing levels but with a stepped arrangements of roofs with swept eaves to create interest. A proposed over clad of the existing buildins to match the new parts, a separate boat house for day to day operations and a new cantilevered lookout tower finished of the visual composition.