Master Planning & Urban Design

RNTR Masterplan
                Master Plan for the old RNTR at Loch Long, Arrochar

Master planning, where a strategic framework permits various desired architectural, engineering and landscape elements to be seamlessly and coherently integrated within a grand concept, is a service which Munro Associates is well placed to provide. Experience and knowledge in two of these primary disciplines, together with 30 years experience in working with other professionals such as engineers and surveyors allow us a unique insight into master plan development.

Projects undertaken include advance site preparation for business park development and working on layouts for roads and landscaping as part of a consultant team for several MoD sites. More recently Munro Associates has produced a master plan for a rural brown field site of high landscape sensitivity, located within the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park (former
Royal Navy Torpedo Range, Arrochar).