Estate Layout Plan, Cloybank Estate

Cloybank Estate Habitat Plan
                Proposed masterplan for Cloybank Estate, Banknock

The masterplan created by Munro Associates for Cloybank Estate sought not only to create suitable spaces for outdoor sporting activities but also to provide an environment where local species could thrive and bio-diversity could be increased.

The formation of two conjoined lochans was proposed, both as an area for fishing but also to create the right type of environment for dragon flies, butterflies and other insect species which would in turn encourage fish and bird life. Adjacent to the lochans is an area of wetland and the whole estate has been planted with indigenous species of tree's in combination with a fruit orchard and fruit and vegetable crops grown in the open air and under poly tunnels. Elsewhere moorlands and areas seeded with wild flowers complete the wide range of habitats planned for the new estate. Cloybank Estate regularly has visitors from the local primary schools who are brough here to learn about the wildlife and are also encouraged to do their bit to act as stewards of the countryside by planting trees and tending to plants.